Sale Leaseback

The Niki Group can purchase your company’s retail locations and then lease those properties back to you on a long term basis. Your company receives the fair market value of that property today, but otherwise controls the property to conduct business. 

The Niki Group can commit to purchase a property within 48 hours of receiving a preliminary information package. We can process documents and close transactions quickly, often within 30 days of issuing a commitment.  The Niki Group has the financial strength to purchase a number of your company’s properties-one at a time, in a single portfolio, or in a group of scheduled transactions.  The Niki Group can join with you to customize any combination of the following sale leaseback solutions to shape a program that is ideal for your needs:

Customized Leases – We will tailor a long term lease to fit your specific needs including: off balance sheet treatment, lease extension options, and funding for building renovations.

Forward Commitments – We can commit to purchasing your in-development locations before they are open for business. Reduce your financial risk by securing a guaranteed take-out on either a fixed price or cost of construction basis.

Build-To-Suit Funding – We can provide the acquisition and construction funding that you need to develop additional business locations. We can provide up to 100% of your funding requirements, property acquisition, building costs, and even soft costs – freeing up your working capital. Upon completion, we will acquire the building and enter into a long term customized lease suitable for your business.